Program Details

Boys completing this program will get a head start on practicing emotionally and physically healthy behaviors, those extremely crucial to overall wellness and development during the middle and high school years.

Boys on the Right Track hopes to inspire boys through fun games and activities and of course, running. They will learn how to be comfortable being themselves, how to build healthy relationships and to live an active lifestyle.  Boys will learn how to communicate more effectively, how to handle peer pressure, celebrate diversity, conflict resolution and therefore will instill greater self esteem and confidence.

*This is not a select Olympic Training Team.  This is for the young boy needing to compete only against his own will to be better and to grow.  There are no cuts, and we will work to accommodate any and all interested and respectful participants.

There is ample research around youth development that focuses on communication skills, stress/anger management, gender role conflict, and emotional intelligence as important factors for the emotional intelligence of an individual.  Many of these topics are not adequately explored  in the classroom. This program focuses on what researchers and educators see boys struggling with.

Program Details – What to Expect:

  • 9-week session with two classes each week = 18 total meetings
  • Each class meeting is 1.5 hours long, twice a week .(e.g. Mon, Sat = 3 hours/week)
  • Each student is responsible for their own sneakers and water bottle. (should be appropriate for running)
  • $150* for total registration for 9 weeks, includes 5k race registration, healthy snack at each session and t-shirt, race medal, 9 week curriculum and materials.




3 thoughts on “Program Details

    • Hello!

      Thank you for your interest in this program.

      I will be advertising the times and dates for summer session but pencil in Tuesday and Thursdays beginning July 8th .. Either 8 am or 10 am but it will be firmed up soon.
      Thanks so much for your interest. 🙂

    • Hello Krys,

      I hope this finds you well.

      I just saw that you wanted more information about our summer program.

      I have a few slots open for our summer program. The information is on our website but I can tell you that it starts this Tuesday, the 8th. We have Tuesdays and Thursdays either 8 -10 am or 6:15-8:15 pm. We will be located at the NIke base on Lake View Road.
      We also will be focusing on core/strength training and training for the Finn McCool on Sept 13th.

      Please let me know if you have any questions and I can share more details with you.

      I look forward to hearing from you.


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