What does the program fee include?

You might be wondering where your program fee goes?!? I don’t blame you…if I was paying $150 for something, I would want to know why as well.

Your coaches work with your kids for approximately 30 hours over the nine weeks. This amounts to $5 an hour.

Also, depending on the area, registration for the race can cost anywhere from $10 up to $35.  T shirts for boys , t shirts for coaches , and a healthy snack is provided for each kid after school. We always provide  a fresh fruit or vegetable.

Insurance is very costly. We sometimes have to pay for extra policy riders at some schools and oftentimes, it is more than the cost of tuition.

When you sign your kid up for soccer or baseball, there aren’t many supplies to purchase. Much to the misconception, a running program that teaches life skills at the same time, is VERY costly. We supply a bin to each site. In this bin, there are 3 clip boards for running activities where the boys have to respond to certain questions and learning activities. Then there is paper, pens, sharpies,  name tags, first aid kits, ice packs, CPR masks, balls for free time play. In addition, we provide bean bags and batons for running games because if we just made the boys run all the time it would be boring! We then have our curriculum binder that cost money to produce and bind, our 6 sets of flash cards that cost money to produce , cut and laminate because we do make learning fun!

Don’t forget some of the extras necessary to make these activities fun and include “ingredients” that are all a part of our “top secret” curriculum.

Then the coaches need whistles, cones , and other necessary items to complete our lesson plans. These all come packed in a rubbermaid bin.

All coaches go through a background check that costs $12 per coach, CPR training that costs up to $40  a coach.

Postage, advertising, promotional materials, cost of website, fees to run a not for profit, etc. are all just a little piece of the pie!

All of these mentioned far exceed $150 per kid.

For the last year, our program has allowed 30 percent of the boys to participate in this program paying little to nothing at all. We have done this , all while receiving very little donations  and support.

What isn’t included in this cost is the compensation of any employees in this organization.

Our organization is exempt under section 501 © 3 and classified as a public charity (Tax ID # 46-4682661). All donations are greatly appreciated. In addition to financial support, any technical assistance or if you know anyone that would like to volunteer, please let me know.

If you would like to donate to our organization, please click  here and click the fundraising tab.

Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions.