Benefits of Coaching

The personal benefits of coaching are wide-ranging. Not only are you able to enjoy making a difference in the lives of several young boys in our community, it’s a fun way to make great memories and perhaps even bond with your own children. Acting as a positive role model, it gives you the opportunity to pay it forward. To take pride in knowing you are teaching lessons that these boys can use their whole lives through.

Coaching has been shown to improve one’s personal confidence level and organizational skills. It has the ability to increase effectiveness in communication and boost self-reliance.

As if positively impacting the lives of others and personal growth in yourselves isn’t enough – we offer a monetary benefit to coaching as well. If you do not qualify for the $0 out-of-pocket cost through your insurance company (Please be sure to ask which programs qualify) we give LEAD coaches a 75% discount on your son’s registration in the program. Discount applies for up to 2 children. For ASSISTANT coaches, we offer a 50% discount for up to 2 children participating in the program. Your time and dedication is truly appreciated by many. Not only do our staff and board members thank you -the boys and their parents will thank you as well.

We truly appreciate your time , dedication and service.